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The Honest Scrap Award!

If this is your first time visiting this blog – don’t read this post! This one is just a lark around and won’t really help you with your garden. Read this post instead – why there is more to a great garden than plants.

Ok in last week’s blog post on modern contemporary gardens I said this week I would be going back to a normal blog post where you get to read something! Well one part of that was right – the reading part. However, this is not the blog post I was expecting to write! In the meantime I’ve been nominated for the honest scrap by Carole Brown from Ecosystem Gardening.

The honest scrap (odd title) the idea is I write 10 things about myself that you won’t already know by having read this blog and then I nominate seven people who I think are good eggs of the garden variety to do the same… Like Carole, this isn’t the type of thing I would normally do but seems like fun.  Besides it would be wrong to turn Carole, the Ecosystem Gardener, down (a birder in her spare time). It’s always best not to upset women with big binoculars!

Here’s my list of 10 things you wouldn’t know about me from reading my blog:

1 ) I’m a Taurean. Enough said.

2 ) My favourite food is cheese. Pretty much any cheese, except the really smelly ones – I love. Nothing tastes like it, there is no substitute flavour, it has to be cheese.

3 ) I’m lactose intolerant – life is cruel.

4 ) It takes me an hour or two to fall asleep each night. I just have one of those brains without an off switch. No, I don’t want to meditate on it!

5 ) I’ve just started to learn Argentine Tango! It’s as close to an off switch as I can find – moving round a room, mostly backwards and with eyes closed, and not allowed to cling onto dance partner, does focus me and stops the mind buzz.

6 ) I was a very accident prone child – think my mother is amazed I’ve made it to adulthood! Still occasionally prone (I haven’t mentioned this to the Argentine Tango people – they’ll soon discover it when we come to learn the leg flicks!).

Ok I’m running out of things to tell you that aren’t embarrassing!  Probably should have written that at point 5.

7 ) I cannot watch sad movies. Not too much upsets me in day to day life – put me in front of a movie or tv programme with any emotional content and I’ll be blubbling like a baby in no time. It’s very embarrassing – I try to disguise it in the cinema, pretending I’m flicking my hair out of my eyes, no one falls for it. Slightest sad point now and all my friends turn to see if I’m crying yet!

8 ) I am terminally curious – I have to understand how things work. I’m fascinated learning new things. Makes me somewhat of a sucker for internet marketers though – “Discover how using this simple but secret technique….” – yep they seen me coming a mile off!

9 ) I don’t actually have a garden! Well I do but I’m not living anywhere near it – I’ve moved from Colchester (Britain’s oldest recorded town –  its best claim to fame!) to the lovely city of Cambridge so I’m renting in the city centre until I sell my house and move here properly…

10 ) OK on to the final fact and this is possibly the most embarrassing I get more questions about how this website is constructed than I do about gardens!! I’m offering FREE advice on how to make your garden nice and all people want to know about is the website!!

I’m not sure whether to be pleased or insulted. Either the website is so good, everyone wants to know how I did it or more realistically people are wondering how on earth someone with the computer knowledge of a grasshopper has managed to build a website! Hmph!

My list of very cool bloggers I’d like to know more about (yeah I’m nosy):

So guys and gals, I hope you are up for an honest scrap (or they could have called it 10 things you didn’t know about me and here’s 7 of my favourite garden blogs – maybe too long?).

Normal-ish service will be resumed next week. I say -ish because there will be a new monthly-ish feature starting – Inspirational Gardens and the people behind them, got a fabulous garden lined up for the first one. Can’t wait! And, finally, if you are all up for creating a beautiful garden of your own, check out our garden courses

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Ideas for your garden – gallery 3 Modern Contemporary Gardens

In last week’s ideas for your garden gallery we featured a selection of more traditional styles of garden with a heavy emphasis on plants.

This week’s gallery, the last in this series, is the complete opposite of last week’s style of garden and focuses primarily on modern contemporary styles. These types of garden tend to have more focus on design and use of hard landscaping materials so may not be to everyone’s tastes but I hope you still get some inspiration even if you want a more traditional style of garden.

A Little Bit Of Planning Goes A Long Way…

I’ve called this gallery advanced because a lot more time and skill goes into creating this style of garden. In part because the focus is on the hard landscaping materials. This means that the design shape is much more noticeable. In traditional style gardens you can hide a multitude of sins with a good planting scheme but with slightly less focus on plants, that is harder to do!

Gardening Blasphemy!

In case anyone is reading ‘less focus on plants’ to mean that plants are not important – don’t! Using fewer plants means that their selection is even more vital. Any planting scheme needs a lot of thought put into it but in my opinion, even more is required when planting areas are small. The less plants you have, the more each plant needs to ‘give’ to the space it’s in.

Next Week Could be a Shock to the System…

I’ll be going back to my normal blog where I actually write posts and don’t rely on moving images to keep you entertained! For those of you who prefer to watch rather than read, don’t worry, there will be more garden design video tutorials and garden galleries coming along in due course. Or if you’d like a step-by-step guide on how to create a beautiful garden, visit our courses page.

Oh and Talking of Good Blogs!

If you haven’t already discovered Jenny Peterson’s blog – DO go and check it out this week. Yours truly is in her brand new Gardener of the Month feature and before you ask – no I didn’t pay her to write this (though I half feel I should have!).

And if you’d like to attend one of our FREE Fast Track Garden Design online classes…

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Ideas for your garden – landscape garden photos 2

More ideas for your garden

Last week featured the first of three galleries of ideas for your garden. The Beginner’s Garden Ideas Gallery featured gardens that are designed using simple geometric shapes like circles, squares and ovals.

Moving up a gear

The gardens featured in this gallery are more complex than those shown in the Beginner’s level. Some of these gardens feature more natural, free flowing curves which are trickier to do effectively. Other gardens featured have changes of level, which also take a bit more thinking about to get right.

Coming up next week!

The third of this series of garden ideas gallery. This one will feature mostly modern contemporary styles of garden. There are also some quite dramatic level changes in some of them.

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The Secret Sauce

Any form of art or design always looks harder than it actually is when you haven’t been taught the basics. Creating a Wow Factor garden is easy to do when you know what steps to take.

If you’d like to be guided step-by-step through the process, take a look at The Great Garden Formula HomeStudy Course – it covers everything you need to know in an easy to understand format with video tutorials alongside the written materials.

Garden Ideas Gallery – Small and Medium Sized Garden Pictures [part 1]

Looking for ideas for your garden?

As promised last week, here is the first of three portfolios of finished gardens. I’ve labelled this one beginner level because most of the gardens featured are comprised of relatively simple geometric shapes. These are the easiest to design with and therefore a good place to start if you are new to designing your garden.

Simple doesn’t mean boring!

Creating a simple circle, oval or rectangular shape to your lawn can totally transform your garden, as you will see from the examples shown in the garden gallery.

You can also view this ideas for small and medium sized gardens video along with many more on the Successful Garden Design YouTube Channel.

In next week’s blog post there will be even more gardens featured to give you lots of garden ideas. These are a little more involved with shape and levels.

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