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Successful Garden Design Tips – overlooked gardens

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This week we take a look at how to lessen the impact of being overlooked by lots of buildings and creating a lovely garden!

A quiet peaceful space can still be created in a very overlooked garden. The height of the trees helps take they eyes away from the buildings.

You don’t have to use palm trees to create this effect. Any tree that is suitable for your size and location will also work. Birch trees (Betula) and Sorbus aria Lutescens are great choices for small space gardens.

If your garden is very small and can’t accommodate a tree, the non-invasive bamboos like the black stemmed variety can also provide plenty of vertical interest.

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[DESIGN SHOW 22] Creating glorious herbaceous flower borders

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In this episode Rachel visits some wonderful gardens in the south of England and takes a look at what makes their herbaceous flower borders great… as well as not so great!

This lovely herbaceous border is one of the first parts of the West Dean Gardens. It looks great mid to late summer.

Gardens featured are Waterperry in Oxfordshire and West Dean gardens in West Sussex

The striking vegetable garden was hidden behind some stunning herbaceous borders.

The hot colours looked great and the shape and form of all the plants, combined with the colours made for a great looking border.

Further up the garden was this lovely pergola walk made from stone columns and covered with climbing roses, Clematis, Wisteria, jasmine and much more.

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Successful Garden Design Tips – simple, stunning colour combining

In this video Rachel visits the Bourton House Garden in Gloucestershire where they have used colour really effectively to create stunning planting borders.

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Colour, colour, colour!

Lovely, but simple colour combinations were used throughout the garden. Each area had a specific theme like the white, silver and green borders shown in the video. I particularly loved purple, silver and blue border, in the photo above.

White, silver and green with a splash of occasional blue is a classic combination – Vita Sackville West at Sissinghurst made it particularly popular.

Towards the end of the main garden was the hot border – another classic and superbly done at Bourton House Garden.

In the final part of the garden, even green alone is enough, thanks to some very funky Buxus sculpting!

If you’d like to visit the garden yourself take a look at the Bourton House Garden website for details. And I can thoroughly recommend their cream teas! ;o)

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Successful Garden Design Tips 13 – A cunning way to disguise ugly vegetable patches!

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In this video I visit the West Dean gardens near Chichester, UK. They have some amazing vegetables in their kitchen garden, but what if yours don’t look quite so attractive? Well, there’s a very effective trick you can use to disguise anything in the garden you don’t want to view…

These stunning herbaceous borders in the West Dean Gardens near Chichester, UK make excellent screening to the vegetable gardens behind them.

What a wonderful way to disguise a veggie patch! The pear tree pergola walk is attractive in its own right and that also helps screen the vegetables from view.

Though, it has to be said, as veggie patches go, this is a pretty lovely one and would make any kitchen gardener proud!

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