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Two things to tell you about this week. The first is totally unrelated to gardening!

I’m very excited to tell you about a new business I’ve set up with my business partner Eugen (tech super genius) which specialises in affordable websites, ecommerce and graphic design for small businesses. We also design and set up Facebook fan pages and Twitter backgrounds etc.

 So if you know anyone that needs a website makeover, tech support or graphic design, please tell them about us and send them to My Online Business Team.

We also offer ongoing support & training on how to use your website so you don’t need to pay someone every time you need to make a change to your site.

The second thing is about the fab new free online plant database called Right Plant 4 Me that I did a video tutorial on how to use it to find the right plants for your garden…

Well the creator of it, Neil Bromhall has got in touch to see if there are any recommendations on how he can improve it. So if you have any suggestions, please put them in the comments below and I will pass them onto him.

In case you missed it last time, here’s a quick video tutorial on how to use this great free online software.

Click Here to Watch the Video

Until next time, enjoy your garden!


If you’d like to learn how to know what conditions you have as well as what plants suit them, quickly and easily, then also take a look at the 5 Minute Plant Expert.



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  1. I am interested in attracting birds to my yard so I would love to be able to find them by that feature.

    • Rachel Mathews says:

      I’m not sure that you can at the moment. The best bet would be to email Neil the creator at his website and suggest it as a feature to add. He’s very open to people’s suggestions on how to improve the software.

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