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  1. Lovely website, nice graphics and subtle colours!

  2. Thanks Dan, glad you like it! ;o)

  3. thank you very muchRachel Mathews

    am arabc i now little English

    i translate to arabc

    to read evry thing

    thank you

  4. Kendrick says:

    This website are very useful for me to have a starting point to plan my tiny rooftop garden for my newly bought apartment. Since we don’t have much resource for garden design in my living place Hong Kong.

  5. Ben O'Brien says:

    What a great website!


  7. Pikirayi says:

    I am interested in big gardens, water features, foot paths and trees.

  8. Is there any way I can keep a copy of some of the photos from the 3 contemporary garden designs for inspiration?

    • Hi Kaye,

      The pictures are embedded on the video – if you pause the video, you can take a screen shot. If that doesn’t work, let me know which pictures you’d like & I will email them to you.

  9. Terrific garden ideas…now if I can only get my space that nice

  10. Cool site. I’m signing up for emails and will download your free guide. I’m showing one of your videos now in my e-zine Art-Online at I average about 500-1000 visitors per issue, so you may be getting some more interested parties for your tips and courses. I added your site to my links to recommended Resources and Organizations. You’re invited to visit, follow by email, comment, and generally have a good time. Welcome to the Art-Online family! Cheers, Marian

  11. Hi Rachel,

    I signed up for the small garden e course which was on special offer yesterday. I wasn’t able to get online and I wanted to buy it. Please tell me how I can do that now and what the price is.



  12. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Hi Rachel,

    I came across your youtube video and you made it look so simple to design a garden.
    I am looking to create a courtyard garden design which is not common in Asia. Would it be possible for me to get in touch with you via email so you could have a look at my landscape area and advise if you could help with the design component?

    Many thanks

  13. it is amazing website

  14. priyanka says:

    Dear Rachel
    Very inspiring programme!! Love the way you make things look simple.

    I was always interested in gardening and currently dabbling my hands on designing gardens for people. In India people are more focused on hardscaping. Looking up to you for a little advice.
    I will be following the link to sign up for your course too as I am sure will gain a lot from you after seeing your episodes on YouTube.
    Can you advice me on a good software to use for my projects. (Which does not require going for a course! And isn’t too expensive as I’m starting off) As like you I sketch but clients look for 2D 3D designs here. What else do you suggest for newbies like me.

    • Hi Priyanka

      Thanks for your comment, I’m really pleased the YouTube vids have helped you! 🙂

      I actually draw all my stuff free-hand as it’s quicker (for me!) and it allows me to be freer and more creative. I have heard good things about Google Sketch-Up, which is free software, so I’d recommend you try that first and see how you get on.

      Keep me posted and good luck with your garden!

  15. This is me Bernard O'Brien and my dog Charlie

  16. Inge Dagmar Manders says:

    Still having a look around, but look fab

  17. Thank you . Its very informayive. I wonder how I will go along here in india.

  18. Thanks this is awesome!

  19. Jennifer M Gregory says:


  20. Already a fan of Successful Garden Design.

  21. I am a big fan of yours. Really like your approach to garden design.

  22. Thanks Rita! 🙂

  23. Am new and very determined to take required lessons to help me create a prayer garden, I wish tt know the online lessons that are most relevant to my needs

  24. I would like some ideas on a prayer garden too

  25. It's just thé Wayne i imagine my garden. Lovely ideas !

  26. Have just purchased a number of courses, I am so excited. Now I need to make the time to get this done.

  27. Watched many gardening programmes and videos but this is the first one to really teach design rather then just showing a series of beautiful pictures with no comment on how the designer actually did it. As a trained teacher I can say that you have a real gift for teaching and your passion is wonderful. Thank you for all your efforts. I'm not surprised that you have almost a million viewers.

  28. Loved the course i did, like the idea of the bundle offer but far too much for me, i only have my own garden to plan and now ready to select plants. You dont do a smaller plants only package do you? I do enjoy receiving your emails thanks loads angela sims

  29. i wil surelylove to become a proffesional on this on…thank u for your illumination.

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