How To Design A Deck

(The Quick and Easy Guide to Planning the Perfect Deck)


Get It Right Before You Build It!

How to Design a Deck is a step-by-step guide to planning the perfect deck, quickly and easily. The book will show you simple techniques that will enable you to design a deck that enhances your home, looks great all year and suits your lifestyle needs. You’ll discover how to design the right size, shape, and style of deck to suit your home.

You’ll also learn really simple techniques you can use to make sure your new deck looks great with the rest of your garden, even if your garden is established or a complete blank canvas. These low cost solutions are highly effective and will  give your garden the ‘WOW’ factor.

The Book Covers:

  • Avoid the most common deck design mistakes
  • Choose the best location for your deck
  • Plot your deck and garden onto paper
  • How to properly plan your deck
  • Make the deck area look and feel longer or wider

A little bit of time spent planning your deck is a very valuable investment. It takes as much time and money to build a poorly or non-planned deck as it does a well designed deck, the visually difference though, is enormous. The book’s main focus is on design and how to make your whole garden look great, it does include some basic construction information but this is not meant to be a DIY guide on deck building.

You don’t need to be a great artist to design a great looking garden. The design tricks and techniques you’ll learn in this book are simple yet highly effective.

Also Included:

  • Design a deck that works with the whole garden
  • Effectively tackle changes in level
  • Design a beautiful garden on a budget
  • Make the most of the available space using cunning design tricks
  • Successfully incorporate built in planters, seating and lighting
  • Choose the right building materials from sustainable sources
  • Choose the right professional to construct your deck

Designing the perfect deck for your garden needn’t be difficult

You may think that garden design is a complicated process. This needn’t be the case though. There are some very simple techniques you can use to get the best design for your home and garden, quickly and easily.



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