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Click on the image below to download or click on this link to download – it is a big file, so may take a while. While you’re waiting for the download, watch the video below for more garden design advice. It should start automatically, unless you’re using an iPad – just click on it to play.


In the workshop people all over the world learned:

  • how to create interest and position features effectively
  • how to landscape on a budget
  • how to make a narrow garden look wider
  • how to incorporate the correct size and shape patio or deck
  • how to link everything together to form a coherent and well-designed garden


GDworkshop1The Garden Design Workshop is like no other garden design information on the net, because firstly, I’m a real garden designer, with over 20 yrs experience. The simple system I’ll show you in the workshop is a system that I’ve developed to make planning a garden easy.

You won’t need any great artistic ability in order to plan your garden properly. There’s no complicated garden design software to learn how to use.

Here’s what’s in the Garden Design Workshop

  • 3 concise video tutorials showing you exactly how to design your garden from beginning to end (approx 80 mins), packed full of design tips and ideas
  • includes the cheat’s guide to sketching, for those that can’t draw, to enable you to visualise how the finished garden will look.
  • BONUS Garden Help Guide (if you order today)

Exceptionally good value

Hiring an hour of a good professional garden designer’s time is going to cost you at least £50, if not more. Also, the designer might give you some ideas on what you can do with your garden, but they are highly unlikely to show you how to implement them.

In the workshop I will show you exactly how to completely transform your garden, quickly and easily, even if you’re in a restricted budget.

The training your receive in the garden design workshop is easily worth £50. BUT, if you order today, you can get it for half that. So, order now and get it at half price. It won’t be at this price too much longer.

Buy now bonus

HelpGuideCovSMIf you get the garden design workshop today, you’ll also get a free bonus PDF guide you can download as a thank you from me that will further help you make the right choices to your garden.

That beautiful garden, you can unwind in, that you’ve always wanted IS achievable, and it’s much easier to do it than you think.

I absolutely know that this workshop will really help you and be truly eye opening for you. By the end of it, you will see your garden in a whole different way. I’m prepared to back up what I say, and make it completely risk-free for you to try it out. So, get this great workshop now! You’ve absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

My promise…

If you’re not totally blown away by the simple technique I show you in the workshop, you can have your money back, in full.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee So You Can Try This Garden Design Workshop Risk Free.

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