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Learn the simple way to create a great looking garden in 2016

Is your garden duller than a dull person’s dull thing?

Do you crave a bit of excitement (in your garden!)?

Has this happened in your garden?

If you're like most people, you've spent some of your precious weekends trundling off down the garden centre, looking for inspiration and ideas to liven up your garden.

You've tried spending your money on beautiful plants and features but somehow, despite your best efforts, your garden just doesn't look as good as you hoped.

Now you're searching online, looking for ideas. Wonderful! You are on the right track. I'm here to help you get the most from your garden.

Rachel11I'm Rachel Mathews and I've been a professional garden designer for over 20 years. I've designed hundreds of gardens in every conceivable size, shape and style you can imagine throughout my career.

I've studied what makes design work, to help myself become the best designer I can be for my clients. I've worked out a unique method that is stunningly simple, that can be applied to any garden, that I believe, anyone can do. It's this unique formula that I now teach homeowners here, at Successful Garden Design.

Garden-IdeasThere is a trick to creating a really beautiful garden. What most experts won't tell you is it's virtually nothing to do with what plants or features you use. Yes, I did just say that. The real key to creating a stunning garden, all comes down to one thing. Design.

In fact, if you only focus on plants before design, it never brings you good results, no matter what they may tell you in gardening magazines (unless you are one of those very rare individuals that instinctively and automatically incorporates design principles)!

Beautiful gardens do NOT happen by accident. If you're very lucky a corner of a garden might come together nicely by accident, but not the whole garden.

So I urge you to focus on design first and foremost. If you've already bought a lot of plants and features, it's ok. You may have to shuffle things around a little bit, but all is definitely not lost. You really can improve your garden dramatically with the right shape lawn and patio as the picture below shows.

Before-AfterThe shape and way the materials work with one another is what has really made the big difference to the garden in the second picture; the plants are only the icing on the cake. If we’d just changed the plants and not adjusted the shape of the lawn and patio, the garden wouldn’t look much better than in the first picture.

I like to make life easy as possible, so I've developed a really simple design technique, that can be used in any size, shape or style of garden, that doesn't cost a fortune to do.

BeautifulGardenImagine having a beautiful garden to wake up to each morning and return to after a stressful day at work. A garden, that you can enjoy looking at, without feeling frustrated every time you see it.

It is so much easier than you think to create a stunning garden you can be really proud of. A garden that enhances the value of your home, rather than detracting from it!

I'd like to have the opportunity to share with you my tricks of the trade as a professional garden designer, that will allow you to easily get great results with your garden.

A while ago, I hosted an online garden design workshop that demonstrated the entire process of the exact steps you need to take completely transform your garden.

Books are OK, but a demonstration is much, much better...

What is the Garden Design Workshop and how will it help you?

The Garden Design Workshop is an online demonstration of how to design a stunning garden, using a really simple method.

  • There are two main video tutorials, each slightly under 40 mins long as well as a short introductory video to get you started.
  • In the first workshop video, Rachel will show you her simple design planning process that works with absolutely any type of garden, no matter what the shape or style.
  • In the second workshop video training, Rachel will show you some tricks to enable you to visualise how your finished garden will look, as well as show you the finished garden design that was demonstrated in the first video.
  • You will see just how quick and easy it is to totally transform your garden, without needing to spend a fortune.

There's also a pdf Garden Help Guide you can download as part of the workshop.

In the 'Getting Started' video you will see

  • At 19 seconds you’ll learn a really quick and easy way to create a base plan of your garden that can be done in a few minutes
  • At 1 min 26 seconds you’ll discover the most important elements to put on your base plan
  • 2 mins 23 seconds you’ll learn how to measure your garden boundaries without needing to leave the house!
  • 3 mins 10 seconds you’ll learn a simple way to make sure your garden plan is to scale
  • 4 mins 24 seconds you’ll see how to make sure your plan is accurate and can therefore be built once you’ve finished your design

In the 1st Workshop Session Video

  • At 53 seconds you will learn the REAL key to creating a great looking garden (this will really surprise you!)
  • 2 mins 5 seconds find out what the MISSING key ingredient is in the vast majority of gardens
  • 3 mins 30 seconds see why most gardens never look great, no matter how much money is spent
  • 6 mins 56 seconds learn how to transform a long, narrow garden and make it look and feel wider
  • 8 mins 36 seconds find out the most important place to start when re-designing your garden
  • 10 mins 2 seconds learn how to make a narrow space look wider with some simple design tricks
  • At 10 mins 52 seconds learn the KEY to using the sight lines to make your garden look more interesting
  • 11 mins 2 seconds learn how to correctly place statues and garden features for maximum benefit
  • 12 mins 20 seconds find out why precision is not your friend when it comes to garden design!
  • 14 mins 40 seconds find out how to save money by utilising your existing garden features and patio
  • 18 mins 4 seconds learn how to correctly position plants and features to make your garden look more spacious and interesting
  • 26 mins 49 seconds discover which landscaping materials will benefit your garden and which won't
  • 28 mins 43 seconds see a cunning way to get rid of an ugly old path that is really cost effective
  • 31 mins 48 seconds see how you can create a stunning garden on a low budget
  • 32 mins 20 seconds learn how to make an old garden shed look modern and funky, that's cheap and simple to do
  • 34 mins 21 seconds learn how to make sure your design ideas are practical and can be built easily

In the 2nd Workshop Session Video

  • At 48 seconds you will learn about the TRUE costs of landscaping and if you're being ripped off by the landscaper
  • At 3 mins and 45 seconds learn how to create a lovely garden on virtually no budget
  • 6 mins 20 seconds find out how to tackle a slight change in level
  • 8 mins 14 seconds watch a simple method that will enable you to visualise how your design ideas will look
  • 9 mins 14 seconds learn the cheat's sketching method for non-artists
  • At 12 mins 12 seconds learn how to disguise an ugly old fence, without the costly expense of replacing it
  • 14 mins 24 seconds learn some simple tips that makes perspective drawing much easier
  • 19 mins 50 seconds find out why getting design RIGHT is so important to creating a garden you'll always love and be proud of
  • At 23 mins 07 seconds learn the simple method that makes plotting curved shapes in the garden easy
  • 24 mins 20 seconds find out if you should use turf or grass seed for your lawn
  • At 25 mins 6 seconds see the finished garden plan Rachel has designed
  • 30 mins 12 seconds see some bonus tips that weren't in the original workshop
  • 30 mins 29 seconds learn how to adjust your design ideas to cope with a change in level (it's much easier than you think)
  • 31 mins 14 seconds find out how to avoid getting stuck on 'problem areas' of your garden
  • 34 mins 27 seconds learn how to visualise how your garden will look without needing to draw a sketch (this method is so simple it will blow your mind and takes all of 2 seconds to do!)

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60 Day Money Back Guarantee

All of Rachel’s courses and workshops come with a 100% no quibble, money-back guarantee. If you don’t think you’ve learned anything of value at the end of the workshop, just ask for a refund and you will be given your money back in full.

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Q: Do I need much gardening knowledge to use the techniques covered in the workshop?

A: No. Absolutely not. The workshop is designed to show both complete beginners and experienced gardeners a really simple design method that can be used to transform any size, shape or style of garden, quickly and easily.

Q: What time and day does the workshop run?

A: You're getting access to the recording of the workshop, so you can view it any time that is convenient for you, as many times as you want.

Q: I live in the southern hemisphere, will your workshop still be relevant for me?

A: Yes. The design techniques shown in the workshop work on any garden, anywhere! The principles of design do not change. The landscaping materials and plants will need to suit your location but the underlying framework of good design is a constant and not location specific.

Q: I know quite a bit about gardening, will I really learn anything new?

A: You will definitely learn something new. The methods I demonstrate in the workshop are ones that I've developed over the last 20 years as a professional garden designer, so you won't have come across them anywhere else. Good design is a completely different skill to gardening. What you'll learn in the workshop will enhance your existing knowledge.

Q: How long does it take for the workshop to arrive?

A: The workshop is 100% online, so there's no waiting for the postman. It's instant access after your payment has gone though and you've clicked on the link contained in the welcome email, you'll be sent your login information.

Q: I'm not a professional landscaper, I just want to improve my own dull garden! Is this going to be really technical?

A: The method I use to design a garden is nice and simple. I do cover some technical aspects, but in a way that's not at all complicated.

You will get instant access to the workshop and bonus garden help guide after payment

Do you have any questions that haven't been addressed in the FAQ?

If you have a question, you can contact Rachel by emailing her here.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

All of Rachel’s courses and workshops come with a 100% no quibble, money-back guarantee. If you don’t think you’ve learned anything of value at the end of the workshop, just ask for a refund and you will be given your money back in full.

Get instant access to the Garden Design Workshop 40% off £24.95 ($39.95 USD) now

 Today £14.95 ($23.95 USD)

OR if you prefer to pay in USD, click the button below.