Garden Ideas – Picture Galleries

Garden Ideas gallery for you to get inspiration for your garden.

Gallery 1 – Small Garden Ideas & some medium sized gardens too!


If you’d like to know more about how to design a small garden, take a look at the Small Garden Design page.

Gallery 2 – Traditional Formal and Informal Garden Styles


Gallery 3 – Contemporary Garden Ideas

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  1. Brilliant – the best before and after set of garden videos I have seen and of course being set to music only adds to the energy. Thank you for sharing these images with us. Cheers! John

  2. Thank you! (words would never be enough to show you my appreciation)

  3. sohail ahmed says:

    i need design ideas for a roof garden please

  4. John Tibbatts says:

    This is really breathtaking, thank you
    I love the before and after views, which are the only way to have proof of all the hard work that has gone into the project.
    I live in northern France, I’d like to send you a plan of my garden, I’d appreciate your precious advice.

  5. Brilliant website, was wondering what type of hardwood decking you use or recommend as the designs on here look stunning. Thanks

  6. Christine says:

    Absolutely brilliant website, so inspiring. I was wondering what the lovely big purple round headed flowers are please?

  7. Hi Christine, they are alliums, I think the variety we used in that garden was called Purple Sensation!

  8. Adriana Ucros says:

    Hello!!!! Im a biologist from Colombia. I’m trying long time ago to find a good course of gardening desing or landscaping… i’ve been working in gardening desing for almost tree years here in Colombia, but i will like to learn more and to do better things every day. May be you can help me suggesting something…..

    thank you very very much and let mi tell you that you a very nice website!!!!

  9. Rachel-Your design work is outstanding. I love looking at all you have done for your clients. Every project is amazing with incredible transformations. Can’t heap on enough praise! If I was a newbie gardener and was just setting out on my project I would certainly do your design course. Coming to Austin again? Let us know.

    • Rachel Mathews says:

      Ah thank you so much Jenny, that’s really kind of you to say 😮

      Well, your garden is absolutely beautiful so think you’ve done just fine without my course!! I would love to come to Austin again, I had such a great time, not sure when I’ll next be back but yes, I will definitely let you know.

  10. MARION PURDON says:

    Please I live in a Senior apartment building,,,,we need to have an entrance with color and flowers atc,what do you suggest? shaded in am but hot sun in afternoon,,,Greatly appreciated thanks …would like to have some perennials as they spend way to much on annuls every year

  11. Rachel Mathews says:

    Hi Marion,

    Which part of the world are you in and what is the hottest and coldest temperatures you get? If you can give me an idea of those I can make a few suggestions.

    The best place though, is to go to a website that helps you choose plants based on location, colour etc – take a look at this page to read more:

  12. Lito Pasamba says:

    Hi, we just recently moved in to this house and started to slowly develop the backyard. We started with a pergola attached to the wall of our bedroom. Its 12ft by 12ft in size, but we are having second thoughts of putting wood flooring due to costs issue and now resorting to cement which is cheaper. any ideas? thanks.

    • Rachel Mathews says:

      Hi Lito, can you email me a photo of the area, then I’ll be able to get a better idea of your situation before I offer any solutions.

  13. I am looking for design ideas for a small front garden. I want to re-design mine. Thank you

    • Rachel Mathews says:

      Hi Bescy,

      There isn’t much on the site on front gardens yet (it’s on my to-do list). One article that might be helpful is

      I’m about to start writing an ebook on how to design a small garden – if you’d like to email me where you’re stuck, I’ll make sure I include a solution in the ebook. Sorry that doesn’t exactly help you right now though.

      Best wishes


  14. hi Rachel,

    Your videos are awesome. Do you have some front yard landscaping ideas that you can share with me?

    Thank you.

    • Rachel Mathews says:

      Hi Reina,

      Thank you! I don’t currently have any front yard landscaping ideas but it’s on my todo list. There are a few on the ideas page in the video slideshows but not all in one place. I’ll update this comment when I have put something together, but it will be a while.

      I have started a front garden ideas board over on Pinterest you can look at but not many images at the moment

      Best wishes


  15. Chris Galea says:

    Hello Rachel,

    Found your website and videos really awesome……. I live in Malta and have an open terrace on the second floor, which would like to turn in it into a relaxing small garden…. terrace is not big … but cannot manage to put ideas together….

    Any chance you can help with it :)))))

    really appreciate and best regards

    • Rachel Mathews says:

      Hi Chris,

      Ahh thank you! 🙂 Yes, I’d love to help you with your terrace. I run a garden design clinic with 2 levels of advice, check out the design clinic here

      Then email some pictures – looking forward to seeing it!

      Best wishes


  16. Hi rachel
    I need some advice how to start to draw a garden design please
    Thanks .zak

    • Rachel Mathews says:

      Hi Zak,

      Have you seen the free garden design video tutorials page – there’s a series of videos that will show you where to start with your garden.

      And if you want to know more about the design process, then sign up for the free video tutorial on how to design a garden on the home page.

      Hope those help you.

      Best wishes


  17. Hi Rachel
    Your designs are amazing. these are very unique and different. I live in Australia and i have small uneven backyard and i also have very small space at front of my house. I need some advice for my both gardens. Please help….

    • Thank you Veerpal, that’s lovely to hear 🙂

      Funnily enough I’m designing some gardens in Australia right now! Have you entered your garden into the competition to win a free garden design? You have until Thursday morning to enter- details are here: FREE Garden Design

      Also check out the Start Here page on the website as that will show you the best articles on different landscaping needs.

      You can also book a Garden Design Clinic with me if you want specific advice.

      Hope that helps.

      Best wishes


  18. Really starting to like this site!!!!

  19. Thanks Patty that's great to know! 🙂

  20. WOW..

  21. regina did you use this design

  22. Beautiful garden design , I like it

  23. I would like to learn more about gardens in SPAIN (Marbella region) any tips for the planting range? Did you do gardens here and have examples in your portfolio? thanks kindly

  24. These have definitely been inspiring garden designs. I would love to have a garden like the contemporary example. I think that I loved it so much because of the clean but natural feel. Hopefully one day my yard can look like this one, thank you for this idea!

  25. These have definitely been inspiring garden designs. I would love to have a garden like the contemporary example. I think that I loved it so much because of the clean but natural feel. Hopefully one day my yard can look like this one, thank you for this idea!

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