Show me YOUR garden!

(and possibly get it designed for FREE!)

Would you like YOUR garden professionally designed for FREE?

I'm creating a series of downloadable back-garden design plans (blueprints). They will enable people to have an individual, tailored garden design, that can be EASILY customised to suit any taste and size of garden, WITHOUT needing to employ a garden designer!

As this is BRAND NEW, I'm looking for gardens across the globe to be test subjects...


I need to see precisely what issues people are facing with creating their dream garden, in order for me to get this new garden blueprint series to help as many people as possible.

Enter by uploading a photo of your garden

(pls read instructions 1st!)

If you'd like to participate, just upload a picture of your garden (see instructions below). If I choose YOUR garden to feature in the Garden Blueprints Series, I will give you ALL of the design ideas I create, for FREE (worth over $2,000)!

If I don't use your garden, you can get the entire blueprint series at a 50% discount (this won't be offered to anyone else, only people who submit their garden).

Is your garden suitable?

Don't be shy! People always worry about me seeing the state of their garden. I can assure you, however bad you think your garden is, I can guarantee I've seen worse! So don't let that stop you from sending me a photo.

However, do please only send me a photo that you don't mind the world seeing!

If your garden is chosen, I may need to use the image as part of Garden Blueprints package, or it may be used to promote the series on social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Example back-garden blueprint plan

INSTRUCTIONS - very important you read these BEFORE submitting your garden!

In order for me to get a good feel for your garden, I NEED to see the view from the house, the one you look out to everyday.

So when you take your photo, please have your back to the house wall, or take the photo from inside the house. Have the camera set to the WIDEST landscape setting you can, or better still, take a panoramic picture, if your camera has that setting.

Sometimes people send me the strangest photos of their garden, often showing just a small corner with a tree and a shed - that is NO help at all! Remember, I've never seen your garden, the more of it you can get in the photo, the better!


Submit your garden here, using the form below:

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    Your details will NEVER be passed on to anyone else.

    If your garden is chosen, your photograph may be used (anonymously) as part of the Garden Blueprints and it may also be used as part of promotional materials on social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube etc. So please do not send any images you're not comfortable for the world to see!

    Thank you so much for entering your garden. I'll be in touch if your garden is going to be used for the blueprint series. In the meantime, please leave some additional information on the next page about your garden requirements.

    - Rachel Mathews, Successful Garden Design