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Do you have a garden plan that you’d like a second opinion on? Either one you’ve done yourself or hired a professional garden designer to do, but you’re not quite sure if it’s the right design for you and would value an impartial expert’s opinion?

Or would like just a basic garden plan without the expense of a full design?

Are You DIY-Designing Your Garden?

If you’re designing your own garden, it can be very helpful to have a professional designer look at your plan to make sure your garden is going to work as well as you want it to and avoid expensive mistakes.

Rachel has been a garden designer for the last 20 years, so has plenty of experience designing every conceivable size, shape and style of garden. She’s also very used to working from plans and photos and has mentored many professional designers and design students.


There are Two Levels of Design Clinic Available:

LEVEL 1 Design Clinic – Recommendations (advise and improve upon an existing design) as shown in the video below – Rachel will point out any areas that need change and make recommendations as to what would work better.

Here’s some Sample Videos of a Level 1 Design Clinic – click to play


Design Student Review

Level 1 Pricing – Recommendations

If you’d like Rachel to review your garden plan and give you advice on your design just click on the button below to purchase your plan review.  A Plan Review costs £199 (approx $318).


After purchasing your Level 1 Review, please make sure you are logged in into your Successful Garden Design account in order to send your garden plans and sketches to us. 


Client Experience – Level 1 Design Clinic Service

“Hi Rachel, thank you very much for helping me with your garden clinic. Your adjustments were the ultimate goal for my garden planning. With this result I feel very happy and I know now that I will get the perfect result. It would have been a big mistake to go on without your final advise. Congratulations by a very satisfied customer.”

Benno from Germany

Design Clinic is Also Available for Professional Garden Designers and Landscapers

Are you a pro that’s got an awkward garden you’re stuck with? We’ve all been there – you end up staring for hours and hours at what’s on the paper in front of you and just can’t quite figure out what’s not working…

Why not speed up the process and have Rachel help you through the stuckness and onto getting an excellent design for you client?

It’ll probably be much cheaper than the hours you could spend working through it on your own!

Or are you a landscaper that’s constantly getting asked to come up with a design despite telling people you build gardens not design them?

If it’s costing you business not being able to provide a design for your customers, this is a low cost way of getting a design concept, which you can charge your clients for and grow your business by offering customers a full service.

Available Worldwide

The design clinic, like the full postal garden design service, is available no matter where in the world you are. The principles of design don’t change because of location – it’s just the plants and construction materials that do.

Design Clinic Availability

Due to existing commitments, I’m only able to take on between 2-4 design clinics per month.

Book Your Level 1 Recommendations Slot below


  • In depth video discussion on anything that’s not working in your design
  • Design suggestions on improving the flow and feel of the garden
  • Sketches emailed where needed (not a full re-design though – that’s a level 2 design clinic service)

If you’d like Rachel to review your garden plan and give you advice on your design, just click on button below to purchase your plan review. A Plan Review costs £199 (approx $318).


Level 2

If you’d like Rachel to do more than just suggest changes and actually do you a rough draft design, please email her with your plan and some photos for a quote.

Email Rachel Now

If you’re not quite sure which service is right for you, email Rachel for advice – you can always upgrade to a full postal design after level 2 concept plan if you wish.


  1. Hi Rachel

    I,m still confused about what I have to do. Can you please advise me that is it better to do course or taking level 2 clinic advice. If I would prefer to go with level 2 concept then this level includes the planting scheme as well . I mean what should I plant on that particular design ideas.

    Also please suggest me from where I can start to go with level 2 advice .


    • Hi Veerpal

      At this time of year it’s going to be at least 4-6 weeks before I will be able to do a design clinic for you. The level 2 doesn’t include the planting scheme. I don’t offer a planting plan service outside of the UK because of the amount of time it takes to research which plants will suit environments I’m unfamiliar with.

      The courses are instant access if you want to do the design yourself and don’t wish to wait 4-6 weeks.

      If you do wish to go ahead with a level 2 clinic, then email me a photo of your garden along with a brief description of the type of design you’d like eg, contemporary, traditional etc so I know your tastes and I can give you a quote – you can email via the contact page on this website

      Best wishes


  2. how about planting plans only? for Ireland? Interested?

    • Hi Ena,

      Yes, I’m sure Ireland would be fine, I’d just need a plant list from local nurseries and be told a little about the soil type but other than that, it will be similar to what I’m used to here.

  3. I have a small dog that needs a potty space, how can I utilize that and not give her the entire back yard? Live in Michigan USA

  4. Hi Reg – that's a difficult one! Do you have an area of your back yard that could be used for the dog? A hidden area at the end, perhaps? If there's space you could screen a section off, a bit like you would for a vegetable garden or utility area that you don't want to look at all the time. Alternatively, perhaps have a small area hidden behind some bushes that you train her to use. Hope that helps!

  5. We live in California's Central Valley(zone 9). I am interested in a front yard design using drought tolerant plants in a xeriscape type of arrangement. I have really no idea where to start. Im sure that I have looked at over a gazillion pictures via Google. But, its just not getting pulled together. By chance do you have any suggestions, or can you point me in the correct direction. I want drought tolerant – but not arid desert.

  6. Hi Robert, I don't have anything on this website but there are various online Plant Databases you can try. I've written about some of them here: Hope those help.

  7. Successful Garden Design Thank you!!!!

  8. Hi Rachel, I have my design and work is in progress but I can you advise what to consider (installation wise) when wanting to achieve decking flush to paving so it is seemless like in your designs? I got enough information from your mini course to give me the confidence to design my own but need to try and explain it to my builders who havent done this before.

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