Tired of dull and boring planting borders?

Do you crave a garden that looks great all year?

Has this been the story of your garden?

If you’re like most people, you’ve spent some of your precious weekends trundling off down the garden centre, looking for inspiration and ideas to liven up your garden. You’ve tried spending your money on beautiful plants and features but somehow, despite your best efforts, your garden just doesn’t look as good as you hoped. Now you’re searching online, looking for ideas.

Wonderful! You are on the right track. I’m here to help you get the most from your garden.

Rachel11I’m Rachel Mathews and I’ve been a professional garden designer for over 20 years. I’ve designed hundreds of gardens in every conceivable size, shape and style you can imagine throughout my career.

I’ve studied what makes design and planting schemes work, to help myself become the best designer I can be for my clients. I’ve worked out some unique methods that are stunningly simple, that can be applied to any garden, that I believe, anyone can use. It’s this unique formula that I now teach homeowners here, at Successful Garden Design.

Garden-IdeasIt can be hard enough to choose plants that will even grow in your garden’s conditions, let alone look good all year long. Gardening books have a habit of making choosing and growing plants seem much more complicated than it actually is.The good news is, if you follow some really simple and basic rules, you can create stunning planting schemes.

Beautiful gardens do NOT happen by accident. If you’re very lucky a corner of a garden might come together nicely by accident, but not the whole garden. A bit of planning goes a long way. I like to make life easy as possible, so I’ve developed a really simple design technique, that can be used in any size, shape or style of garden, that will enable you to have your planting borders look good all year.

BeautifulGardenImagine having a beautiful garden to wake up to each morning and return to after a stressful day at work. A garden, that you can enjoy looking at, without feeling frustrated every time you see it.

It is so much easier than you think to create a stunning garden you can be really proud of. A garden that enhances the value of your home, rather than detracting from it!

I’d like to have the opportunity to share with you my tricks of the trade as a professional garden designer, that will allow you to easily get great results with the plants in your garden.

A while ago, I hosted an online plant design workshop that demonstrated the entire process of choosing and positioning plants in beautiful combinations that look good all year.

Books are OK, but a demonstration is much, much better...

What is the Plant Design Workshop and how will it help you?

The Plant Design Workshop is an online demonstration of how to design a stunning planting scheme for your garden, that looks good all year.

  • There are two video tutorials, each slightly under 30 mins long.
  • In the first workshop video, Rachel will talk you through the basics of choosing the right plants for your garden.
  • In the second workshop video training, Rachel will show you the steps to designing successfully with plants. She'll demonstrate the simple method she uses on a client plan, so you can see the entire process of creating stunning planting schemes from beginning to end.

There's also a pdf planting guide you can download as part of the workshop.







In the 1st Workshop Video

  • At 3 mins 10 seconds learn the most fundamental thing you need to get right in order for plants to survive in your garden
  • 4 mins 20 seconds find out why garden centres can be MISLEADING when it comes to purchasing the right plants
  • 5 mins 30 seconds learn a simple method that will save you hours of research choosing plants for your garden
  • 6 mins 15 seconds learn the 3 essential factors you need to know to guarantee success with plants
  • 8 mins 30 seconds find out how to tell if your soil is acid or alkaline (without needing to purchase an expensive pH test kit)
  • 9 mins 26 seconds learn the cheat’s method for knowing which plants will grow where, just by looking at their leaves
  • At 16 mins 5 seconds learn the KEY to successfully combining plants to create stunning combinations
  • 19 mins 21 seconds learn how to combine colours to create eye-catching plant borders
  • 20 mins 4 seconds find out why planting plans out of books and from the internet won’t work for your garden
  • 23 mins 18 seconds learn the real trick to creating a stunning looking garden that has absolutely nothing to do with plants







In the 2nd Workshop Video

  • At 1 min and 15 seconds learn where to start with your garden planting plan
  • At 2 mins and 4 seconds learn how to mix colours to create a stunning scheme round your garden
  • 6 mins 14 seconds find out how to incorporate the RIGHT amount of evergreens to make your garden look good all year
  • 6 mins 31 seconds learn how to make a new planting scheme look established quickly
  • 9 mins 57 seconds learn how to incorporate grasses effectively into your planting scheme
  • At 11 mins 29 seconds learn how to combine plants to create different garden styles
  • 12 mins 32 seconds find out which plants will create a contemporary planting scheme
  • 16 mins 46 seconds learn a simple method for checking the plants you want to have in your garden will look good together
  • At 19 mins 33 seconds learn how to know when to plant in groups
  • 22 mins 24 seconds learn how to incorporate vegetables into your planting scheme
  • At 26 mins 10 seconds see the finished planting scheme Rachel has designed

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All of Rachel’s courses and workshops come with a 100% no quibble, money-back guarantee. If you don’t think you’ve learned anything of value at the end of the workshop, just ask for a refund and you will be given your money back in full.

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Q: Do I need much plant knowledge to use the techniques covered in the workshop?

A: No. The first video of the workshop covers the basics for beginners and then the more advanced methods are shown in the second video, along with ways to overcome not knowing a single plant!

Q: What time and day does the workshop run?

A: You're getting access to the recording of the workshop, so you can view it any time that is convenient for you, as many times as you want.

Q: I live in the southern hemisphere, will your workshop still be relevant for me?

A: Yes. In the 1st video I show you how to know what a plant needs in order to survive by looking at key characteristics, so it makes no difference where in the world you are. The design technique for combining plants, shown in the 2nd video, works with all types of plants, so again, location makes no difference.

Q: I know quite a bit about gardening, will I really learn anything new?

A: You will definitely learn something new. The methods I demonstrate in the workshop are ones that I've developed over the last 20 years as a professional garden designer, so you won't have come across them anywhere else. If you know a lot about growing plants already, then you'll want to skip ahead to 16 mins into the 1st video.

Q: How long does it take for the workshop to arrive?

A: The workshop is 100% online, so there's no waiting for the postman. It's instant access after your payment has gone though and you've clicked on the link contained in the welcome email, you'll be sent your login information.

Q: I'm not a professional landscaper, I just want to improve my own dull garden planting! Is this going to be really technical?

A: I do cover some technical aspects, but in a way that's not at all complicated. The method I use to combine plants is nice and simple. You will need to make sure you use plants that grow in your garden's conditions, but I'll talk you through various ways to make sure you get the right plants.

You will get instant access to the workshop and bonus planting guide after payment

Do you have any questions that haven't been addressed in the FAQ?

If you have a question, you can contact Rachel by emailing her here.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

All of Rachel’s courses and workshops come with a 100% no quibble, money-back guarantee. If you don’t think you’ve learned anything of value at the end of the workshop, just ask for a refund and you will be given your money back in full.

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