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Bats need warmth in summer to rear their young and cool in winter for hibernation. These sturdy timber boxes are designed to be draught proof and resistant to all weathers, with a fixed bark roof to minimise disturbance. A grooved ladder underneath encourages curious bats to clamber up and investigate, and the narrow 20mm entrance slot is perfect for inviting in crevice-living species. The slot also doubles up as an exit point for any accumulated waste inside, which will naturally fall out or be pushed out as bats emerge. Hang the box on a tree, wall or fence out of reach of predators, especially cats, with a clear and unimpeded flight path. Choose somewhere with vegetation close by where bats can hunt for insects. The wood has been left untreated so as not to harm the bats inside. As a result, small splits may appear and lichen may form as a result of natural weathering. This will not affect the structural integrity of the box. Please note: a special licence is required in the UK to handle bats. If you do not have the required licence, do not disturb them. Measurements: 18cms x 13cms x 28.5cms



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