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The Bay Laurel Tree is said to have both healing and protective properties, and it is thought that a Bay Tree growing near or in your garden, will protect the house and ward off illness. When a new baby arrives it is lucky to celebrate by planting a Bay Tree. Bay leaves are best known today for their use in cooking and have a unique and fragrant flavour that compliments most stews and casseroles, and are widely used in Asian and Mediterranean cooking. The Bay Laurel is a small tree native to the shores of the Mediterranean, but has been cultivated in Britain since the 16th century, it can also be grown indoors in a pot and is the perfect gift for foodies! Our potted Bay Laurel looks great at either side of the door, so why not buy two!! Remember to protect your Bay in winter as cold winds and frost can be damaging. Tree delivered is approximately 70cm (28inches) in height. * Native to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and cultivated in Britain since the 16th century. * Grown for its aromatic and glossy foliage used in cooking. * Versatile as a dense, pyramidal evergreen shrub or tree. * Stands clipping well and is a favourite for Planters. * Used in the Middle Ages to keep away evil and resist witchcraft.



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