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These medium-sized Bay tree gifts look fab as a pair at either side of the door, we love them with a twinkling of fairy lights. A Bay tree gift is a perfect gift for those who love cooking, the fragrant leaves can be used fresh from the tree for all your Asian & Mediterranean cooking. Bay trees are said to have protective qualities and are thought be bring good luck to a new baby. They are evergreen trees and will look fab in the garden, driveway, or patio all year round. Standing at a height of 80-100cm (2.5-3ft) the medium Bay tree gift is perfect for those who don’t have much space. Remember to protect your Bay in winter as cold winds and frost can be damaging. * Bay Trees are evergreen and native to the shores of the Mediterranean. * The tree is dispatched in a 5L pot. * Tree is approximately 75-85cm in height. * Aromatic leaves are perfect for flavouring food. * Used in the Middle Ages to keep away evil and resist witchcraft.



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