Bradstone Natural Sandstone Paving Sunset Buff 3 Ring Circular Paving – Pack


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If you want a garden feature quite unlike any other, Natural Sandstone is the solution.Every individual sandstone slab is unique, distinguished by innumerable tonal variations and enhanced by the differing riven profiles of each stone.With seven natural shades, and available as circles, a patio feature kit, setts, an octagon and random stepping stones, Natural Sandstone offers a wealth of design possibilities.Sunset Buff natural stone paving from Bradstone comprises a warming mixture of buff and brown hues bringing colour and style to your garden.Either placed into your patio using a Squaring Off Kit or used separately as a decorative centrepiece, the 3 Ring Circular Paving comes with a centre stone, inner segment (1st ring), middle segment (2nd ring) and outer segment (3rd ring). The centre stone can be taken out if you want to add aggregates or plants instead into the middle, to make your garden unique.When laid using a 10-15mm joint the 3 Ring Circular Paving has a 3.30 metre diameter (3.65 metre diameter when squared off).Thickness: 22mm – Country of origin: India



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