Bradstone Old Riven Concrete Paving Autumn Silver 2 Ring Squaring Off Kit – 1 Pack


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Cut down on costs without cutting down on style. Old Riven concrete paving may represent a more economical solution for your garden, but it certainly doesn’t mean it won’t give you a beautiful looking patio or garden feature.On the contrary, the quality look and feel of Old Riven concrete paving, along with a choice of four attractive shades, in six sizes and circle options, belie its inexpensive price tag.Either placed into your patio using a squaring off kit or without to be used as a decorative centrepiece. The 2 Ring Circular Paving comes with a centre stone, inner segment (1st ring) and outer segment (2nd ring). The centre stone can be taken out if you want to add aggregates or plants instead into the middle, to make your garden unique.When laid using a 10-15mm joint the 2 Ring Circular Paving has a 2.40 metre diameter.Thickness: 35mm



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