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We do a popular large outdoor Indian style brazier/fire pit already but we felt that some people would prefer something slightly smaller with the added function of being able to cook outdoors. This product offers the character of the traditional Indian firepit with a heavy stainless steel grill for cooking on. Made of iron with a waxed lacquer. After some use the product will rust, which will give the metal a natural protective layer. Measurements: Ø56cm x H35cm Warning: For outdoor use only. Keep children and pets away from the brazier when lit. Always position away from buildings on a safe non-flammable surface. If using on a paved patio, place on an additional protective paving stone made from solid n atural stone or concrete at least 5cm thick. This will avoid possible discoloura tion and cracking of your patio, as some mock slabs made from resin or ceramic m ay be susceptible to heat damage. Only for use with logs or charcoal. Please note that some patios may be paved with mock slabs, made from resin or ceramic, that may be susceptible to cracking or discolouration with heat. Our braziers are designed to be used with both logs or charcoal, not with coal.



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