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Three Colors – One Hardy Fern Brilliance Autumn Fern! Fine-Textured Hardy Fern Bright Orange-Red & Coppery Pink New Growth! Deep Green Fronds All Summer Amazing Bright Red Fall Color Arching Mounded Clumps Great Groundcover Easy-Care & Low Mainte

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Three Colors – One Hardy Fern Brilliance Autumn Fern!Fine-Textured Hardy Fern
Bright Orange-Red & Coppery Pink New Growth!
Deep Green Fronds All Summer
Amazing Bright Red Fall Color
Arching Mounded Clumps
Great Groundcover
Easy-Care & Low Maintenance
Part Shade & Full Shade
Tolerates Poor Soil
Drought Tolerant Once Established
Cold Hardy!
Tolerates Wet & Moist Soil
Brilliance Autumn Fern (Dryopteris erythrosora ‘Brilliance’) is a popular groundcover that offers a lively splash of color! Use a few of these for those places in your yard where fussier plants fail to thrive. If you love Autumn Ferns, you’ll find this new variety features even more color and ‘brilliance’!
You’ll be amazed by the spring show this lovely fern’s unfurling leaves feature, in tones of orangy-red and coppery pinks. The delightful color provides decorative interest much longer into the spring than similar varieties before the mature fronds turn dark-green for summer.
The arching, 2-foot long fronds maintain their color throughout summer with a glossy green sheen that is sure to draw the eye. As the frosts of autumn approach, Brilliance gives a last gasp of color, returning to its brighter red-toned brilliance to spice up the fading landscape.
Brilliance Autumn Fern has a clumping nature with triangular, pinnate fronds. Brilliance Autumn Fern requires little care, so you won’t have to fuss over it, and thrives in those areas of your yard that discourage fussier plants.
How to Use Brilliance Autumn Fern In The LandscapeBrilliance Fern brightens shady perennial beds and borders and fills in around trees and shrubs. Wind between larger plants and shrubs, allowing Brillance to spread politely between them as filler and groundcover.
Use as edging that gracefully spills over garden’s edges and borders, or skirting larger trees and shrubs as a facer plant to hide their bare stems. Beautiful fringing the base of sculptures and urns, or gracing the perimeter of a Gazebo or porch.
Almost every shade garden has a spot for a Brilliance Autumn Fern! Easy to grow, adaptable to shade and offering 3-season color, while those in warmer climates may even see this as a 4-season plant!
Any way you use it, Brilliance Fern will be a lively addition to your yard this summer!
#ProPlantTips For CareDoing the very best in partial sun, favoring afternoon shade, Autumn Brilliance is hardy in USDA growing zones 5-9. Hotter climates may find their Fern occasionally remain evergreen and also find these do best in full shade.
Regardless of hardiness zone, Brilliance Autumn is a tough Fern that can tolerate even the densest shade and even some wet soil, as long as it is not stagnant. Best in soil that remains moist, that is well-drained and enriched.
Brilliance Autumn is easy to grow and is surprisingly drought tolerant once established. However, it’s best to provide supplemental watering during times of drought for the lushest growth and beautiful display!
Preferring organic soil that is neutral to slightly acidic, plus a generous layer of mulch helps retain soil moisture, especially for drier soils. Mulch also helps insulate the root system from heat and chill.
Prune or shear back in early spring before new growth emerges to clean up any dead debris and to give the plant a fresh, clean look for the next growing season.
You’ll enjoy each passing season as Brilliance Autumn Fern changes wardrobes throughout the year! Order a few of these lovely plants today at!



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