cabbage ‘January King’ (cabbage / Brassica oleracea (Capitata Group) ‘January King’)


A very hardy ‘Savoy’ type

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Position: full sun Soil: fertile, well drained, moisture-retentive and firm The very hardiest of winter cabbages, this Savoy type withstands frost, ice and snow without a setback and is a must-have for the winter vegetable plot. Forming heavy, well-packed heads of deeply-ruched blue-green leaves tinged deep purple in colder spells, this is a good-looking and sturdy cabbage with a rich, earthy flavour that’s hard to beat. This heritage variety was originally introduced in France, but it is considered to be a traditional British cabbage Growing Instructions: Sow into a well-prepared seedbed in spring, in shallow drills 1.5cm deep. Thin seedlings to 5cm apart and when they reach about 10-15cm tall, transplant to where they are to grow, spacing about 45cm apart and firming in well. Protect from slugs and net against pigeons. Firm young cabbage plants in well when transplanting to help them form big, beefy hearts and protect against wind damage. Sow: April-June Harvest: December-March Approximate quantity: 450 seeds.



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