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The Christmas Citrus Party is the only gift to send this year. What stylish party would be complete without a selection of beautiful citrus fruit trees that your guests can select their very own fruit from? The greatest of all party gifts that really will highlight the class of the occasion. The Citrus Fruit Trees are the perfect gift to send this Christmas just in time for the party season. They add just the right amount of class and sophistication without being overbearing. The cocktails and drinks will be flowing and you will never have to worry about not having a Lime at hand for that all important Gin and Tonic. The Christmas Citrus Party includes a Lemon Tree, Lime Tree, Chinotto Tree and an Orange Tree. The Citrus Trees for sale are evergreen and will look stunning throughout the year, giving fruit up to 4 times a year after the lovely little white flowers appear. The smell of this gift is also divine so all that is left to do is pluck an orange, grab some cinnamon and have a festive holiday season. * The Christmas Citrus Party contains a Chinotto Tree, Lemon Tree, Lime Tree and an Orange Tree. * Each Citrus Tree will arrive in a 5L pot * The Citrus Fruit Trees will be a height of 0.65m (65cm/25in) * Citrus Trees are indoor trees. * Perfect for conservatories.



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