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The Beech or “Mother of the Woods” is certainly the Queen of the forest and features heavily in Celtic folklore. The Celts associated the Beech tree with wisdom and learning. It was also a symbol of success and in the Victorian Language of Flowers, Beech Tree means prosperity. The Beech Tree gift is a versatile tree and is great for hedging. It is an attractive tree with a slender trunk featuring grey-silver coloured bark. The hair-fringed leaves are a dark green colour which turns into a vibrant copper in the autumn. The Beech is a deciduous tree. The Beech Tree gift includes each of the following: * One UK grown Beech tree (1.8m – 2m or 5.9ft – 6.5ft in height) * Beech tree supplied in a 12 litre pot * One 24 inch tree guard (to protect against local wildlife such as rabbits) * One large tree stake (to give your tree extra support after it has been planted) * One rubber tree tie (to attach your tree to the tree stake) * One personalised greetings card of your choice * All boxed up into a very large box and delivered to the address of your choice.



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