Conservation bat box


Provides insulation and security to vulnerable bats

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Durable FSC-certified wood No cleaning required – droppings fall through Includes pre-drilled hanger Give a protected species a safe place to roost with this cosy timber bat box. Ha ndmade from solid untreated wood, finished with water-based paint so as not to d eter them with strong odours, it offers essential warmth and security to vulnera ble bats. Designed with two vertical chambers, the box is scored with ladder-style grooves to make it easy for bats to climb in. The hinged roof is secured by a removable screw to allow easy access for inspection by licensed bat workers. Please note, under the Wildlife & Countryside Act, it is illegal for the public to handle bats or disturb their roosts. However, you can monitor use of your bat box by looking for mouse-sized droppings under the box, or watching from a dist ance as they go out to hunt at dusk. For best results, site the box 2.5m-5m high on a building or mature tree using t he pre-drilled recycled plastic hanger, ideally in a spot that only receives par tial sun during the day. Measurements: W33cm x H45cm x D14cm



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