Copper flexi snail tape


Super flexible for use on any shape of pot or planter

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This is a great way to keep both slugs and snails off your potted plants without having to resort to using chemicals. It is a self adhesive copper tape that should be stuck to the sides of the pot to form a complete circle. As these annoying pests try to crawl past it, the tape creates a small electrical charge that is further intensified by the serrated edge. It is safe to use around pets and wildlife, and is environmentally friendly – but not so friendly towards the slugs and snails in your garden. We love this product compared to other copper tapes as it is also flexible. This means that fits beautifully to uneven surfaces and tricky shapes such as raised beds and the less classically shaped pots (which we also love). It also withstands all weathers so no need to reapply.



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