Cordyline australis Red Star – Patio Torbay Palm – Pack of TWO


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Cordylines are focal plants with an upright and palm like appearance. The swordlike strap leaves create a tropical look yet these ‘Torbay Palms’ are fully hardy. They flourish in full sun to light shade and prefer good drainage. It is a fantastic plant to grow for creating stylish focal points around the garden and also as a centrepiece in patio planters. Fragrant white flowers bloom on clusters on mature plants in late spring. Drought tolerant and great in pots. Red Star has fantastic burgundy-red foliage and is a great plant for use in the centre of patio planters or for a tropical jungle themed garden. Also known as the cabbage palm the striking foliage is arching burgundy-red and looks very dramatic. A compact variety it does particularly well in pots on a patio though it can also be used to accentuate taller more flamboyant plants if desired. It will thrive in a bright spot in free draining soil. Pack of 2 plants each Supplied in approx 1 litre containers at around 40-60cms tall.



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