Enviromesh ultrafine netting 1.83 × 4m


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Just like standard Enviromesh, this tough and durable Enviromesh Ultrafine protects edible crops from wildlife, winds, light frost and pests including carrot fly and caterpillars, and additionally keeps out flea beetle and spotted wing Drosophila (SWD). The mesh can simply be laid over your crop and secured with pegs or stones for short-term use, but if using for longer periods we recommend using with cloche hoops. It’s also excellent for cutting to size and using to cover doors and other access points in greenhouses and tunnels. At the end of the season, wash if necessary using a mild detergent and warm (not hot) water and leave to dry. Store in dry conditions out of direct sunlight and your Enviromesh should give you up to 10 years of use. Please note: avoid covering plants during flowering if they depend on pollination by bees (beans, strawberries, etc). Measurements: 1.83m x 4m



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