Flopro plug and go watering pots and container kit


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Great for patios, balconies and hanging baskets Efficient – uses up to 70% less water Simple no-tool set up. This pot irrigation kit is perfect for the busy gardener and ideal for holiday watering while you’re away. The easy-install dripper system delivers water to up to 16 pots or containers at a time. Just connect it to your outdoor tap or water butt, link the 16 spike drippers and insert them into the soil. Water is delivered at 1.3L per hour right to the plants’ roots, reducing spillage and evaporation and using up to 70% less water than hand watering. The universal fittings make it suitable for use with any water timer for fully automatic watering. If you have more than 16 pots, the modular design allows two kits to be joined together to create a larger system. Set includes: 10m main supply tube (6.5mm) including 5.2m to connect tap to first set of drippers; 1 x pressure reducer; 1 x ¾ male quick connector; 1 x dual fit outside tap connector from ¾” to ½”; 1 x water stop connector; 7 x blue end caps; 1 x cross device (splitter); 16 spike drippers (4 sets of 4). Please note: if using with water butts, the minimum outlet height is 35cm.



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