Fresh ‘Little Santa’ Christmas Tree – 80-100cm Potted Spruce + FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY


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Introducing Little Santa – The small tree with the big personality! The Spruce is a high quality traditional fragrant Christmas tree lending itself very well in terms of shape and style for Christmas decorations yet small in stature. Many people love a traditional natural real tree as a bright focal point to the festivities but simply do not have room for a full size tree – enter Little Santa! A premium quality Spruce the Little Santa tree has the traditional Christmas Tree shape but takes up a lot less room! Little Santa is super to have as a second Christmas tree providing a decorative accent for any room. It is suitable for a patio balcony entranceway children’s room or simply as a traditional decoration in the living room or in a smaller apartment. It’s great to give as a present at the start of the festive period and essential for any office that wants to get in to the Christmas spirit. Little Santa is container grown and with proper care will hardly lose any needles whilst inside for Christmas. When its mission as a fancy festive decoration is complete Little Santa can be planted in the garden or used as an evergreen accent on patio or balcony re-potted and used again next year! Overall height supplied including container is approx 80-100cms – around 3ft. Typical specimens as pictured supplied.



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