Garland Plant Halo Growbag Watering Pots – 3 Pack


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The Garland Plant Halo make it easier to water and support growbag plants like tomatoes peppers and beans.Plant Halos are manufactured from recycled UV stabilised plastic and are guaranteed for 5 years. They can be used on grow bags pots with a diameter of 26cm and above raised beds and on traditional vegetable plots. The central inner pot creates the planting area which is particularly useful when used with grow bags as it allows a deeper planting zone to develop healthier plants. Easier to water and support growbag plants. Water and nutrients reach more efficiently. Cane support system can provide wind resistance. Cane grip caps included. A 3.1 Litre outer moat features six 2.8cm watering spikes which penetrate below the surface delivering water direct to the plant’s roots. This ensures that water and liquid feed are delivered at a reduced rate that the plant is better able to absorb preventing wastage which is common with conventional watering.Plant Halos also feature a unique cane support system. Three anchor slots surround the inner pot and provide the means for a rigid wind resistant structure using bamboo canes. Cane grip caps are included and allow for up to 4 canes to be joined at the peak of the resulting structure.Pot Dimensions: W29 x D29 x H13cmCustomer Note: Bamboo canes not included.



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