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Giant Peacy-Rosy-Burgundy Leaves Georgia Peach Coral Bells! Spring Peach Foliage & Darker Veins Summer Burgundy-Rose Colored Leaves Rose-Purple Fall Color! Silvery Overlay all Growing Season! Astounding Color All Season Tall Airy Creamy White Bloo

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Giant Peacy-Rosy-Burgundy Leaves Georgia Peach Coral Bells!Spring Peach Foliage & Darker Veins
Summer Burgundy-Rose Colored Leaves
Rose-Purple Fall Color!
Silvery Overlay all Growing Season!
Astounding Color All Season
Tall Airy Creamy White Blooms
Butterflies Adore Them
Great Cut Flower & Border Plant
Huge Leaves Darken Throughout the Season
Herbaceous Perennial
Semi-Evergreen in Warm Winters
Part Sun or Full Shade
Heat Tolerant
With giant rounded and showy leaves, The Georgia Peach Coral Bells is twice the size of most Heuchera! Emerging a gorgeous peachy hue with darker venation, the spring show is something to behold! With a unique silvery overlay to the foliage, they shimmer in the shade!
Summer brings burgundy-purple foliage color to Coral Bells (Heuchera x ‘Georgia Peach’) that matures more rosy-purple until the fall color show begins! As autumn approaches, Georgia Peach becomes redder and redder in coloring, intensifying until becoming a glorious purplish red for the autumn! You can bet this plant does not get lost in a shady garden!
Throughout the entire growing season, that shimmery silver overlay remains! Summer also brings tall, slender stems of delicate, airy blooms rising above the foliage. Creamy white, the dainty bell-shaped flowers dangle and wave in the breeze.
All summer these will be covered in pollinators! With a late spring to midsummer bloom time, be sure to plant a few extra so you can attract more butterflies, and still have many to include in your summer floral arrangements!
How to Use Georgia Peach Coral Bells In The LandscapeA standout plant like this, with 3, sometimes 4 seasons of color, deserves to be placed in the spotlight! With always something new, this specimen plant looks astounding planted anywhere in the landscape. Be sure to plant within view of a window so you’ll always have the color show within sight!
The plants will grow to create a low-maintenance groundcover. Adding an amazing designer touch to your landscape!
Plant it around the edge of borders, near variegated plants, woodland gardens, Rock gardens, Perennial borders, or in mass to form an attractive ground cover! Particularly showy when planted as a specimen garden among other vibrant colors of other Coral Bells!
Try creating a focal point planting in your garden by clustering these in a grouping of 3 or more for a stand-out accent! Seating areas, birdbaths, outdoor sculptures and urns become the main feature with a skirting of these around their base.
Skirt the trunks of trees or encircle large shrubs where these benefit from their shade and provide facer plantings to hide their bare stems. Soften foundations of pergolas and gazebos with a circle of brilliant greenery.
Heuchera Georgia Peach is excellent in partly shaded borders as edging, or to fill in under trees and larger shrubs as facer plants. Their modest size even makes them incredible color additions when mixed into ornamental containers on shady patios! Even balcony gardeners can enjoy these brilliant hues!
#ProPlantTips For CareGeorgia Peach is a relatively low-maintenance perennial, and this Coral Bell should be cut back in late fall in preparation for winter. Tolerating heat and humidity, it is better than most Heucheras, so it performs well even in the South where it can display evergreen tendencies.
It is content in sun or shade, tolerating full sun in the cooler USDA growing zones of 4 through 9 and should be only grown in full sun in the coolest of those climates. Otherwise, you chance leaf burn. Warmer climates will find Heuchera do best in afternoon shade or full shade.
Plant in almost any kind of soil, but the best is moderately moist, organically rich and humusy sites with especially well-drained soil. Heuchera is susceptible to rot, so good drainage is essential while roots establish themselves.
Provide access to moisture on a regular basis throughout hot summers and long dry spells. A generous layer of mulch helps retain soil moisture as well as insulate the root system from heat and chill. Plus a winter application of compost and more mulch for best results.
With low maintenance and very easy care, you’ll get so much vibrant color from so little work! Georgia Peach Coral Bells adds a bit of flavor to any perennial garden with its texture, vigor, and vibrant color! This cheerful plant has enough glow to catch everyone’s attention!
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