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Gift our Golden King Holly Tree Gift to a King or Queen in your life to show your love. This ornamental tree is a symbol of peace, rebirth, and goodwill and retains its bold leaves all year round, making it an exceptional winter or Christmas gift. The exquisite leaves of our Golden King Holly are glossy and dark green with bright golden yellow margins. Spring encourages fragrant, white flowers to grow, attracting butterflies, birds, and bees. This blossom gives way to bright red berries in autumn which inquisitive birds love to pick before winter sets in. Cold weather is no trouble at all for our Holly Trees, they are fully hardy and quite content looking after themselves. Treat loved ones to year-round beauty with the spiny green leaves and red holly berries on this evergreen tree! Click ‘Add to Basket’ then choose a day for delivery. We’ll handle the gift-wrapping. * Evergreen holly tree (leaves all year round) * Arrives with a height of 1m (4ft) * Delivered in a gift-wrapped 25cm (7L) pot * Can be grown in a pot and ideal for garden planting * Slow growing, thrives in shade and full sun, and is fully hardy * A popular gift for Christmas and Christmas decoration * Green and golden variegated holly * This variety is female and will produce berries



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