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Bring life, colour, and flavour to a friend or family’s home with our delightful evergreen Grapefruit Tree Gift. Watching the citrus fruit grow and tasting the strong, sour flavour makes for a lasting and memorable gift. Gorgeous blossoms appear throughout the year, with a pristine white that accentuates the lush, evergreen leaves. The grapefruits change from green to bright yellow and become hefty in size. Discovering the juicy, dark red grapefruits will be a treat for the loved one you give it to, ideal for those who love healthy food as they an excellent source of vitamins. Citrus trees thrive indoors in the UK in a conservatory, greenhouse, or patio. When you order our Grapefruit Tree, one is carefully picked by our expert gardeners, beautifully gift-wrapped, and delivered by a premium courier service. * Evergreen Citrus fruit tree (green leaves year-round) * Delivered gift-wrapped * Arrives with a height of 60-80cm (2.5ft) in a 22.5cm (5L) pot * Suitable for indoor growth in the UK – in a greenhouse, patio, or conservatory (not near central heating) * Can be placed outside between the end of June and September if it is warm * Popular gift for birthdays, celebrations, or culinary friends and family



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