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Gift friends and family a piece of the Mediterranean with our Half Standard Olive Tree. This waist-high olive tree is evergreen, so it keeps its lush colour all year round – waxy, green leaves tinted silver bunched neatly on top of a slender trunk. This compact ornamental tree can be pruned and makes itself cosy on balconies, driveways, and patios. the perfect gift for those who appreciate a stylish home all year round. Olive Trees are ideal for exploring Mediterranean cuisine. The fragrant, white blossoms appear in spring and the olives ripen in Autumn, changing from green to black – they are delicious after being cured. When you order our Half Standard Olive Tree, one is handpicked from our nursery and beautifully gift-wrapped ready to be delivered for a special occasion. If you’re looking for something a little bigger, our Standard Olive Tree Gift () will be the perfect fit. * Arrives in a gift wrapped 3L pot at a height of 60-70cm (2.5ft) * Grows up to 4m (13ft) tall, but is slow growing and can be pruned – suitable for all sized gardens. * Thrives in full sun and south-facing position * Suitable for potted or planted growth * Olives ripen in Autumn and can be cured or used for oil * Leaves can be used for tea and olive extract



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