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Growing your own vegetables is made easy with Haxnicks Vegetable Patio Planters. Specifically designed for use on patios and balconies in smaller gardens the planters come as a pack of three with differing depths – shallow medium and deep. This allows for planting of different vegetable types.The planters are all reusable and are made of tough polythene with handles on each side for manouvering. Each planter comes with reinforced drainage holes. Haxnicks Tip – if you add gravel to the bottom of the planter drainage will improve considerably.Dimensions:Deep = Height 45cm Diameter 35cmMedium=Height 30cm Diameter 40cmShallow=Height 25cm Diameter 45cmEach pack comes with a helpful growing guide with lots of handy advice including a list of varieties suitable for each container and how many to plant in each. The following is a quick quide: Place a layer of gravel broken pots or other suitable material into the bottom of the planter to help drainage. For the Deep Planter use larger stones for drainage & stability. Fill with good quality multi-purpose compost to approximately 4cm (1½ ins) height from the top of the planter. Follow instructions on seed packets if sowing direct remembering to thin out seedlings when large enough to handle. You can maximise the number of plants per container according to their spread. Usually more plants will produce fashionable mini-vegetables. Water plants before planting and allow to drain. Carefully water in after planting without soaking the compost. Do not place outdoors until after last frosts or keep in the light in a frost free situation. Water regularly and do not allow the compost to dry out. Feed regularly from mid summer with a good liquid feed or use a slow release fertiliser following manufacturer’s instructions.



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