Haxnicks Vigoroot Pots – 10 Litres – 3 Pack


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Ideal for balconies and patios the Haxnicks Vigoroot Pots are suitable for a wide variety of herbs flowers and shrubs as well as exotics and smaller sized vegetables.The magic of Vigoroot fabric comes from its ability to ‘air-prune’ the roots of plants dramatically changing their formation and their ability to sustain the plant in a limited volume of compost. It also prevents the roots from growing too long and helps prevent plants from becoming pot-bound which would normally limit the plants’ growth. This means that the plants can grow to a much larger size in a relatively small pot.At the end of the growing season they can be washed in cold water thoroughly dried folded away and stored for the following year.Features: Made from recycled polyester PET bottles & clothing fabric 3 x 10 Litre pots Air pruning fabric for healthier crops Higher yields More nutrients absorbed Greater resistance to harsh weather disease and pestsDimensions:Dia.24 x H24cmTip: Super efficient root systems = hungry plants so plants will need to be regularly fed with a suitable fertilizer (particularly if they have been growing in Vigoroot for a year or more).



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