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Our Hazel Truffle Tree boasts oval, green leaves with double-serrated edges. Its bark is smooth, grey-brown, and peels with age. Our UK grown Hazel trees have been inoculated with native British truffle spores which work in harmony and help each other grow in a mycorrhizal relationship. With the proper care and conditions, our trees produce precious truffles after some years of growth. The truffle is the diamond of the kitchen, an underground mushroom treasured for its exquisite flavour. When that lucky someone unearths their prized truffle crop, they can mark a culinary occasion that won’t soon be forgotten. There is truly no other culinary plant that can outdo our Hazel Truffle Tree and is the perfect gift for a foodie. Our Hazel truffle sapling is delivered at a height of 40 cm and can reach a height of 12m (39ft) making it well suited for larger gardens. As it is a UK native hazel tree, it also produces delicious hazelnuts. The tree is handpicked from our nursery and delivered using a premium courier service. * Inoculated with British truffle spores * Deciduous tree (bare from Nov – Apr) * Arrives at a height of 40 cm and can grow to 12m, suitable for large gardens * Oval, green leaves with double-serrated edges * With the proper care and conditions, truffles can grow after several years * Please allow up to 7 working days for delivery of our truffle trees



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