Holly Tree Patio Standard – Ilex aquifolium Myrtifolia


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This beautiful standard holly tree has lovely dark green foliage and will make a classy addition to any patio. Perhaps use flanking a front door to make a swish looking entrance to your home. Supplied with an approx 50cm tall clear stem topped off with an approx 30-40cm diametre lollipop head. Overall height including pot is around 80-90cms. This distinguished evergreen really is a sight to behold. These trees make a great decoration in the festive season in a porchway for example as one enters the home. All year round they provide a high-class property enhancing look and can be used in place of where the popular bay tree is often paraded. Ilex myrtifolia more commonly known as the Prickly Pineapple Holly is a compact growing type with dusky purple young shoots and small narrow dark green leaves edged in fine relatively soft spines. Dense and slow growing mytifolia holly is a quite rare male variety of common holly and will therefore be a perfect pollinating partner to the types that carry berries in your garden. It can be celebrated as a near topiary with its deep green narrow super glossy leaves or tucked in a corner to carry out it’s functional duties with your lady hollies and ensure plenty of berries each year.



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