Irrigatia Automatic Watering System C12


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This unique fully automatic watering system is the perfect solution for irrigating plants from your water butt or similar non-pressured water supply. If you have an allotment or are taking a well deserved holiday this could be a life saver for your plants.Easily water your hanging baskets greenhouse treasures or vegetable patch with this intelligent system. Establish trees or specimen plants with minimal supervision. Simply insert the feeder tube into the water butt arrange the drip tube as required and switch on the unit. The unit will water automatically every 3 hours and the amount of water released varies depending upon the amount of sunlight detected and the position of the control knob. It will always apply more water in sunnier conditions when your plants need it most and you will find your garden will flourish with the regular accurate and direct application of water.Each unit can feed up to 36 drippers (12 supplied) can drip water up to 4m above the water source and is able to supply enough water for 5 large hanging baskets or 36 x 5 litre pots. This is an amazing eco-friendly device- solar powered and making full use of collected rainfall or grey water. A gardening innovation that will get the very best results and doesn’t cost the earth!The kit contains: 1 x Solar pump unit 1 x Anti siphon device 1 x inlet filter 1 x 15m tube 12 x drips 12 x stakes and 12 x teesClick here to view the product setup instructions. Requires Adobe Reader.Please note: This unit can also be expanded with extension kits available separately.To view all special offers in our garden tool department please click here



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