Irrigatia Automatic Watering System C24


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This weather responsive Irrigatia Automatic Watering System is the perfect solution for irrigating plants from your water butt or similar non-pressured water supply. Ideal for small to medium gardens or allotments and can be used for pots raised beds hanging baskets vegetables and greenhouses.Includes: C24 SMART controller with integrated pump Inlet filter Anti-siphon Water level sensor (with 5m cable) 15m tube 12 drippers Stakes & Tees 3 x AA rechargeable batteries The water level sensor is placed in the water barrel and will detect when the water is running out and emits an audible warning during daylight hours. If the controller is positioned further away the water level sensor can be disabled. Features: Night mode – detects when it is dark and switches the controller off to prevent watering at night. The more sun the more it waters – waters every 3 hours Saves plants from drought and waters when on holiday Automatic watering for up to 10 large hanging baskets or 24 x 20 litre pots Drip waters up to 5m above the water source Uses up to 90% less water than a hose Water source to solar pump – maximum 20m Water source to last dripper – maximum 60m Easy to install and set up and once in they will water automatically with minimal supervision No mains wires or hosepipes needed nor heavy watering cans to lug water around the garden.The controller uses solar power to detect the weather and alter watering according to the conditions and the season providing plants with the precise irrigation to help them thrive.Water Useage:200 litres lasts typically 1 to 1.5 weeks



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