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The Kaffir Lime Tree is the ultimate plant for anyone who loves great cooking with an unusual twist. The aromatic double leaves and fragrant lime fruits can be used in many recipes and will bring the delight of an eastern wonder right into the home. Do you know someone who loves Thai Cooking? If so then what are you waiting for, this is the gift for them Our kaffir lime plant makes an amazing gift year round and is popular to send for birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas. This evergreen citrus tree is perfect for the person who loves to experiment with their food and it will be a centrepiece at any party. Friends and family can watch as it happily grows in an unheated conservatory or bright airy hallway. The tree can provide fresh kaffir limes up to 4 times a year! The bumpy fruits are something to behold and the kaffir lime leaves have so many properties from cooking to medicine. As both the leaves and fruit can be used in the kitchen it’s surely a gift that will raise a smile to anyone’s face. * The Kaffir Lime Tree arrives in a gift-wrapped 5L pot * Tree delivered is approx. 60-80cm in height * It has a miniature stem of 15-25cm and a head of 40cm * Famous for its use in Thai & oriental cooking * We will always try to dispatch trees with ripening fruit, however, this is not a guarantee.



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