LARGE Hardy 1.6-1.8m Pomegranate Tree – Punica granatum ‘WONDERFUL’ Specimen – Grow your own Juicy Superfruits!


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Yes! Believe it or not but you can grow you own Pomegranates in this country. Why not grow this Special Hardy Pomegranate tree in your garden or on your patio and look forward to showing off and picking you own fresh juicy super fruits. Our large established trees can easily shrug off the frosty overnight conditions experienced at the cooler times of the year and will thrive particularly well in a sunny well drained spot. The heaviest crops will be produced in a long hot dry summer but these trees are worth growing for their ornamental value alone – they are covered in masses of beautiful orange-red flowers for months – so you get the bonus of fruits and pretty flowers with your tree. Autumnal foliage also provides a further attractive element. Pomegranates make for an unusual and easy to grow and long lived small tree they are one of the oldest fruits in cultivation too. Nothing beats growing your own food – and with Pomegranates being high in health giving anti-oxidants. Known as power food the fruit of the Pomegranate is in high demand as it is full of the anti-oxidants that are said to help keep cancers at bay. It is used for healthy smoothies and fruit juices or can simply be eaten fresh from the tree. Easily grown in the open garden or a large patio planter these trees are proper established specimens when delivered. The Wonderful pomegranate variety is the most popular and widely planted tree of its type providing extra large fruit with a blushed red skin and juicy rich red flesh. The exquisite flavour is highly prized the world over. Supplied at a total height of around 160-180cms tall including pot these trees have a nice straight trunk and are starting to form a canopy of branches and lush foliage capable of fruiting within a year or so of planting. Some of the trees in our nursery even have fruits on them when delivered in season! Really something special.



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