leaf beet ‘Rhubarb Chard’ (leaf beet / Beta vulgaris subsp. cicla var. flavescens ‘Rhubarb Chard’)


Purple-tinged leaves with crimson midribs

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Position: full sun Soil: any, except waterlogged soils A big, sturdy, handsome plant forming clumps of purple-tinged leaves with vivid crimson midribs that glow in sunshine. The taste is rich and earthy like a cross between beetroot and spinach. Pick leaves young and eat raw for a colourful salad ingredient, or cook leaves and midribs separately as a dual-purpose side vegetable. The midribs make a tasty (and colourful) substitute for celery in cooking. Growing Instructions: In spring, make a drill 2cm deep and sow seeds about 20cm apart. Cover lightly with soil and water in. Seeds can produce multiple seedlings, so thin to leave one plant to mature at each spot. Leaf beet can also be grown in containers: sow direct into the compost allowing about four seeds to a 45cm pot. Sow: March to June Harvest: June to October Approximate quantity: 100 seeds.



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