Lily ‘Queen of the Night’ – Pack of FIFTY Bulbs – Rare Black Flowering Lily


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Lilium asiaticum ‘Queen of the Night’ is an fantastic exclusive form of Asiatic Lily (Lilium asiatica). ‘Queen of the Night’ is a unique lily in that it produces the most stunning and unusual blooms – beautiful almost black flowers accented by stunning vermilion red stamens! Another advantage of this outstanding lily is its subtle fragrance that wafts through the garden for weeks. Queen of the Night also looks wonderful planted with other colours in your borders or patio planters. They also have a look of elegance in large pots on the patio or decking and ooh… in the vase a perfect picture! The rather exceptional ‘Queen of the Night’ Lily is listed by one or two other suppliers but unavailable from them we’ve got pretty much all the stock making it exclusively available from Gardening Express for this season. Pack of FIFTY Bulbs ready to plant grow and bloom.



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