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Our Mature Olive Trees have aged with beauty. Their presence is enchanting and exudes a Mediterranean atmosphere – one of class, culture, and nature. Grown in Italy, our Gnarled Olive Trees have matured in the finest and fitting conditions to ensure they are healthy and authentic. Its sturdy trunk is adorned with resplendent evergreen leaves that do not wither in the winter months. In spring, white flowers burst through, inviting butterflies, birds, and bees with its enticing fragrance. The olives grow soon after, changing from pale green to purple when they are ripe and ready to be cured. Place our Mature Olive Tree in personal, public, or corporate spaces; whether its a restaurant or bar, hotel or shopping centre, reception or office, an immediate sense of grandeur and elegance is assured. For more information on our olive trees or a no-obligation quote, please call us on 0161 870 6368 or send an email to * Evergreen olive tree (leaves all year round) * Arrives with a height of 225-250cm and a girth of 80-120cm * Thrives in full sun and a south-facing position (not near central heating) * Drought tolerant * Suitable for potted and planted growth * Olives ripen in autumn and can be cured or used for oil * Ideal for our corporate and business customers



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