Natures Feast No Mess 12 Seed Blend – 12.75kg


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Treat your feathered friends to the Natures Feast No Mess 12 Seed Blend. Made from a wide range of nutritious premium seeds and grains to attract a huge variety of birds to your garden.Features: High energy Husks removed No mess or waste Suitable for use in feeders bird tables and ground feedersAttracts:Robins Greenfinches Goldfinches Chaffinch Dunnocks House Sparrows Woodpeckers Tree Sparrows Blue Tits Blackbirds Great Tit Song Thrush Coal Tits Collared Doves & Starlings.Ingredients:Red Dari Naked Oats White Dari Chopped Sunflower Hearts Red Millet Yellow Millet Canary Seed Chopped Peanuts Pinhead Oatmeal Nyjer Seed Hempseed Suet Pellets & Vegetable Oil.



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