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Our Oak Truffle Tree has all the splendour of our English Oak with an added gift that lies underground – inoculated with native British spores, it produces precious truffles. The spores and roots help each other grow in harmony. Truffles are underground mushrooms treasured for their exquisite flavour. This gift astounds Dads on birthdays and Father’s Day with its appearance and the unique culinary truffles it produces. This native truffle tree will begin with a thin trunk adorned with lush, green leaves. In autumn, the leaves change to fiery-oranges and browns before falling off for the winter. In spring the cycle starts again. Oaks are known to live for hundreds of years and grow to vast sizes. Our Oak Truffle Tree is a unique culinary gift that astounds for years to come, ideal for Dad’s birthday or Father’s Day. Delivered gift-wrapped and in our purpose-made packaging. * Inoculated with British truffle spores * Native deciduous tree * Arrives with a height of 20-50cm and grows to be very large * Delivered gift-wrapped * Truffles can grow after some years with the proper care and conditions * Ideal for Father’s Day or Dad’s birthday * Please note: Truffle trees can have a delivery lead time of up to 7 days



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