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This Pair of Small Bay Trees are a Mediterranean delight. These 2 beautiful Bay Trees will really will sit pride of place at any doorway, garden or greenhouse. The majestic Bay Tree has been cultivated in the UK for over 500 years and it is clear to see why. This Pair of Small Bay Trees are the perfect gift to send every time. The Pair of Small Bay Trees are perfect to send for any occasion or even as a gift to yourself. Imagine your house with two Bay Trees standing proudly beside the door to warmly welcome guests to your lovely home. The Bay Tree is associated with protective and healing properties making this the perfect gift to give to anyone. The Small Bay Tree Gifts are evergreen and will look beautiful all year round. There will never be a shortage of bay leaves when this gift is given. The leaves have been used in cooking for thousands of years and will make this a perfect choice for all those food lovers out there. * Bay Trees are native to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. * Grown for its aromatic and glossy foliage used in cooking. * Approx 50cm tall when delivered * Delivered in 2.5L pots * Stands clipping well and is a favourite for Planters. * Bay Trees are evergreen so look beautiful all year round. *Please note, a carefully selected our Bay Trees and a matching pair of Bay Trees will be sent*



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