pak choi Joi Choi F1 approx 125 seeds


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Position: full sun; Soil: fertile, moist but well drained This beautiful-looking oriental vegetable looks delicate and very elegant with its broad pure white midribs and sculptural fluted shape. But it’s bone hardy and can withstand even the fiercest of weather, making it the perfect winter salad ingredient. Mature plants can be cooked for a crisp and tasty spinach-like leaf vegetable: the central midribs are delicious sliced into stir-fries; Growing Instructions: Sow into pots or seed trays in early spring. Once outside conditions warm up harden off carefully and then transplant to their final growing space allowing 15cm between plants. Later in the season sow direct into shallow drills and thin seedlings to final spacings: keep the thinnings and use as baby leaves in salads. Pak choi has shallow roots so makes an excellent and decorative choice for container growing. Allow four plants to a 35cm pot or grow in rows in troughs; Sow: March-September; Harvest: April-October; Approximate quantity: 125 seeds.



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