Pineberry – Fragaria x ananassa Pineberry ‘Snow White’ – White Strawberry


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‘Pineberry’ is a special form of Strawberry with the flavour of Pineapple! An unusual and gourmet alternative to the now everyday and well know red fruit this is sure to be a highly popular alternative. Also known as Japanese White Strawberries these are truly delicious and nicely aromatic – there is nothing quite like having you own mouth watering strawberries ripened in the summer sunshine at home on your own plants so why not mix it up with these Pineberries! If you’re fortunate enough to have visited one of the well known high-class grocery chains you may have already been lucky enough to have been able to buy and taste these but they are not regularly offered and only over a short season – so it makes sense to grow your own. These will provide good crops of smaller fruits on robust plants – suitable for growing by beginners or experienced hands thanks to its easy going nature and good pest and disease resistance. It performs well in a wide range of growing conditions and soils it can be grown in the garden or in large patio planters. Supplied in approx 9cm pots.



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