Planter on Stand (Set of 2, shallow)


Add extra height and interest to your container plants with this planter on a powder-coated, green c

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This is a simple and effective way to add extra height and interest to your container plants, inside the house and on the patio. Our planter comes complete with a powder-coated, green coloured stand. Can be used indoors or out. Choose from Shallow or Deep Planters, Sets of 2. Shallow Planters: Small Pot (2.7L): H. 8.2cm, Dia. 19.5cm Small Stand: H. 39.8cm, Dia. 21cm Large Pot (3.9L): H. 8.2cm, Dia. 23cm Large Stand: H. 54.8cm, Dia. 25cm Deep Planters: Small Pot (7.5L): H. 23cm, Dia. 20cm Small Stand: H. 25cm, Dia. 22cm Large Pot (11.5L): H. 25cm, Dia. 25cm Large Stand: H. 38cm, Dia. 27cm



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