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Send our stunning Red Japanese Maple Tree as a gift to loved ones and leave a lasting impression. When you order one of our red Acer trees our devoted gardeners choose the best red Japanese maple varieties for the season. Friends and family will enjoy spring and summer as the red leaf colour starts to grow and springs to life. Red Japanese Maple Trees are a fantastic gift idea to send for a wide variety of occasions such as birthdays and ruby wedding anniversaries. The bold colourful leaves provide the garden with natural style and seasonal interest throughout the year. Give wonderful life and colour throughout the year with this gift. Simply click add to basket and our devoted gardeners will pick out the best Red Japanese Maple Tree for the season and hand gift wrap with care. * Deciduous red acer tree (no leaves between Nov-Apr) * Arrives at a height of 60cm * Delivered in a 3L pot * Our gardeners choose the best red variety for the season * Plant in moist, well-drained soil * Perfect for small spaces in full sun or partial shade * Slow growing and naturally multi-stemmed



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